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ButtonNet helps you and your guests to share photos and videos.

Even without good Internet connectivity.

Why ButtonNet?

At the end of a day of exciting activities, everybody wants to share their stories with friends and family at home.

We want to exchange photos and videos, and start sending them. They wait and wait. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Often, it's very slow. The fantastic day ends with a slightly bitter after-taste.

ButtonNet Solution

ButtonNet provides a fast local network for people to share their media files with each other.

They can share their photos and videos among them easily and quickly, independent from cellphone signal strength or Internet availability.


Many networked devices leave users stranded when the Internet is slow, overburdened or absent.

This means people sitting right next to each other may be unable to to share photos and videos with each other.


ButtonNet provides media file sharing under the same roof as the users. It looks like a media-sharing website but runs faster than should be possible.

  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Support all types of web devices

Photo & Video Sharing

Using its own Wifi networks, ButtonNet works even without good Internet or strong signal.

Wifi Fast

It's so fast. You'll never want to go back to "Internet speed".

Easy to use

Upload, share, download are as easy as figer touch.

Watch this video that shows you how easy it is.

Canon camera support

Utilizing Canon's innovative Camera Control API, you can view and download media files stored in Canon cameras from your phones or computers without cables or memory readers.

Watch this video that explains this special feature.

Cut the Cord

After initial installation, ButtonNet will operate even when no Internet is available.

Album Creator

ButtonNet helps you to organize media files and make albums very quickly.

Optionally, you can upload albums to cloud, so people can see the albums after they leave your facility.

Rich story-telling features

Flexible layout and caption capability offer variety of adding story elements.

Great to keep memories fresh and great to share your stories with others.

Fast and Easy

With ButtonNet Album Creator, you can easily make an album within an hour.

Unreliable Internet? No problem!

Albums can be made even in an environment where there is no Internet.

Making an album could be a great chilltime activity if you stay overnight off-grid.

Online Brochures

People are looking forward of making trips and researching their options.

ButtonNet allows you to vividly show your amenities, the latest activites and dining options you offer when they arrive.

Cloud upload option

Optionally, you can upload the albums so that your guests can see the album even after they leave.

Group Viewer

You can view photos and videos on a large screen without dragging cables.

You are going to have fun with family and friends.

Watch on a large monitor

Enjoy watching photos and videos on a large external monitor.

Remote control by phone

Navigate photos and videos using your phone.

Rekindle excitements while still hot

By watching and talking about the fresh experiences, your guests will be reinforced with excitements that you facilitated.

Increase revenue

By encouraging your guests to get together during off-activity hours, you will have more opportunities to increase revenue.


Easy Upload

10.04.2020App, Phone

Uploading media files is fast and easy with ButtonNet.

Easy Share

11.03.2020App, Phone

Sharing your photos and videos with others is as easy as a finger-slide motion.

Canon Camera

12.09.2020Canon, CCAPI

You can view and download photos and videos stored in your Canon cameras from your computers and phones without a cable or a memry reader.

Pilot Program

Do you see an immediate value for ButtonNet features?  You might be interested in our free pilot program.  Here is the deal:

We will loan you a ButtonNet server and help you setup.  Then we listen eagerly while you describe your experiences.  The pilot will last for three months but installations that meet certain usage and feedback criteria are eligible to keep it forever.

If you live in San Francisco Bay Area and would like to participate, hit that email button below.

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