Wireless Access to Canon Cameras

CCAPI and Canon Raw File Support

With ButtonNet, you can view and upload media files on Canon cameras from computers or phones without cables or memory card readers.  

Canon created an innovative API to their cameras, the Camera Control API (CCAPI).  Although, it is not yet turned on by manufacturing default, ButtonNet created an experimental feature using this great CCAPI assuming all Canion cameras will have this feature in future. 

In 2021, nothing in this video is commercially available. The ButtonNet team is looking for pilot installations in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Pilot Program

Do you see an immediate value for ButtonNet's CCAPI feature?  You might be interested in our free pilot program.  Here is the deal:

We will loan you a ButtonNet server and help you enable the CCAPI in your Canon camera.  Then we listen eagerly while you describe your experiences.  The pilot will last for three months but installations that meet certain usage and feedback criteria are eligible to keep it forever.

Only available in the San Francisco Bay Area to candidates who own a CCAPI-ready camera.

If you would like to participate, hit that email button below.

Please do include your phone and email contact information.  One of us will reach out to you to discuss it further.  No SPAM.  Promise!

Can you also tell us a little about why you are interested in the pilot program and how you would use ButtonNet?

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